Winter Blues

Beat the winter blues...

Many people come to me in January with feelings of isolation, low mood and generally like they have no direction in their life. Feelings of being stuck in a rut and alone go hand in hand with a lack of communication and involvement with other human beings. It stands to reason that feelings of depression are the result.

Here are 3 quick and simple practical tools to get you through winter without even noticing it has gone dark outside:

1. Get busy... Join a club doing what you love such as amateur dramatics, join a couch to 5K group, a debating group. This gives you a sense of purpose and belonging to a group. A basic need in us all. It also fills your time doing something you enjoy which is a kind of self love. This will make you feel good about yourself.

2. Invest in some warm winter clothes and go outside. Walk to the shops, to your nearest park, to a neighbours house. We were never intended to stay indoors it is not our natural habitat. Make contact with nature and notice how good it feels to reconnect.

3. I cannot stress this one enough... INVITE, INVITE, INVITE ! For some reason many of us assume that everyone is busy with their own lives and do not reach out and invite friends out to places or to their home. I guarantee you 99% of the time your friends will be sat at home also doing nothing. So if you fancy a pizza at your local pizzeria, or you have some wine left over that you want to share, INVITE people out and see what happens! Forming new networks of friends will not only keep you busy in those winter months but it will also boost your self esteem too.

By having plans and keeping a sense of belonging to a community you will get to spring without even noticing winter has been and gone.

Remember: You make the changes, you are in control. Start today !

Love and light

Natalie x