Reiki can relieve symptoms associated with fibromyalgia…

I use reiki to promote healing and wellbeing in my clients.

I often begin my sessions with a guided meditation if I feel it is necessary. This involves you laying down on the therapy bed and being wrapped in a warm velvet blanket face up.

Using some simple breathing exercises to relax you and get the energy moving within your body, I then start a guided mediation to bring you into to a calm and tranquil state. This helps your breathing rate to slow right down allowing your heart to go into a resting state whilst your body prepares to heal itself.

The reiki energy is flowing from the moment you lie down. The energy your body draws through my hands allows any muscle pain, anxiety and depression  to be released.

Feelings of heat, relief from pain, falling asleep or into a trance like state in and out of dreams are all usual reports during my reiki sessions. Reiki calms the nervous system causing the anxiety associated with fibromyalgia to settle. Reiki is known to re-energise the system and assist chronic fatigue.

Treatments last for 60 minutes. Fibromyalgia suffers are advised to have one session per week to maintain the benefits alongside their medical treatment.

If you think this could be something of interest to you or someone you know please get in touch…