Weight Loss

Do you overeat? Are you overweight? Does eating consume your thoughts?

A combination of hypnosis and nlp can help you overcome obsessive thoughts and compulsions to overeat.

Dieting does not work –

When the conscious mind decides to diet the motivation and willpower experienced at first usually wanes after a few weeks and old eating patterns and habits return. This is because the unconscious mind drives the negative behaviour. With hypnosis and nlp we can talk directly to the unconscious mind and suggest alternative behaviours that will help you attain your ideal weight. This as well as nlp and time  line therapy will ensure you are fully equipped to achieve your weight loss goal with maximum enthusiasm, motivation and persistence long term.

Eating habits usually have an origin in childhood and can be emotionally connected. Here at Be YOU Be Free Therapies we can get to the root cause of the eating behaviours and quickly get you on track to losing weight, feeling in control and motivated.

Sessions will vary from person to person but generally clients will start to see changes in their eating within three sessions.

Your journey of weight loss is a personal one and we will work with you to get you feeling happy, confident and content in your own skin.

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