Reiki is an energy based therapy that promotes healing and restores health and wellbeing. We are all made up of energy, which is known as "life force energy". This energy flows harmoniously and fluidly throughout our bodies when we are at optimum health. When our "life force energy" is low energy can become trapped in certain areas causing dis-ease within the mind and body. Reiki channels the universal energy to remove areas of pent up energy releasing blockages allowing the body to repair and restore itself back to health once again.

The treatment last for 60 minutes and people often experience a sense of deep relaxation and inner peace. For those suffering with constant pain, clients often report feeling relief from the pain that often last up to a week later.

Reiki can alleviate pain and suffering in many areas of health including and can help with the follwoing:

Relieve anxiety

Reduce and relieve depression

Reduce pain with back problems

Boost fertility

Treat symptoms associated with cancers

Improve sleep and relieve periods of insomnia

Relive arthritis

Reduce and release stress

Increase mobility in areas such as wrists, ankles, knees, neck and back

Heal infections and inflammations

Improves and enables emotional clarity


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