Does it work ??

People often ask me "does it work?". Having worked as a hypnotherapist for the last 5 years I have seen a diverse selection of issues. Severe anxiety and panic disorder, fear of flying/needles/lifts/public, depression, IBS, OCD to name a few. All my clients begin the therapy with the understanding that they come with 100% commitment to their change. Having established such a mindset I can then begin nlp exercises along with hypnotic suggestions that introduce and instil new behaviours. Clients then have the opportunity to utilise the learned behaviours and try them out in their everyday lives.

The new found confidence and enthusiasm that is experienced by clients and the motivation and drive they have sees them achieving and exceeding their goals.

Every client is unique and clients work at their own individual pace. However, once the toolkit has been provided clients are ready to deal with the challenges that life presents.

In answer to the question.... YES it does really work 😁